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South East Regional Palliative Care Network

The South East Regional Palliative Care Network (RPCN) is a partnership of community stakeholders, care providers, patients, families and caregivers in South Eastern Ontario who work together to ensure that there is a coordinated, standardized approach for the delivery of hospice palliative care services. As a community of partners the South East RPCN is committed to improved access and equity in hospice, palliative and end-of-life care.

South East RPCN Work Plan 2017 - 2020
The South East RPCN is working together with regional stakeholders, the Ontario Palliative Care Network (OPCN) and the Ministry to improve access to high-quality hospice palliative care in the South East. In the South East LHIN the regional priorities have been established after months of consultation and engagement with stakeholders that included patients, caregivers and families.Find out more.


Putting the needs of patients and families at the centre of the hospice palliative care system  “A Palliative Approach to Care is Everyone’s Business” - By Dr. Ingrid Harle, MD


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  • Helping stakeholders understand the plans for hospice palliative care
    The recently launched Ontario Palliative Care Network Action Plan 1: 2017 – 2020 outlines how we will work together to ensure that quality hospice palliative care services are readily available and easy to access for people with life-limiting illness and their loved ones. To help regional network partners communicate the regional work and aligned expectations provincially there is a presentation that has been created for your use at meetings. Presentation: OPCN Action Plan - South East RPCN Work Plan

    Hospice Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner (HPCNP) Clarissa Townsend Accepting Patients
    The South East LHIN is pleased to announce the return of our HPCNP, Clarissa Townsend, to the Rural and North Hastings region. Clarissa will be accepting referrals as of January 31, 2018. Please refer to the Brochure outlining Referral Criteria to the HPCNP Program.